Toshiki Nakayama

NTT DOCOMO Ventures President and CEO

NTT DOCOMO Executive Vice President

NTT DOCOMO Ventures has established a corporate venture fund promoting ''collaborative creation'' and the "DOCOMO Innovation Village," a program supporting business collaborations and startups, and organically coordinates them with the NTT Group, including NTT DOCOMO. With business development as the pillar of our activities, we will continue to create technology and service innovations not only in Japan but worldwide.
By proactively responding to the speed of venture companies and creating strategic business synergies with NTT Group companies, we intend to further enhance corporate value in the future.
We look forward to counting with your continued support.

Takayuki Inagawa

NTT DOCOMO Ventures Executive Vice President and COO

I witnessed major changes during my three years in Silicon Valley until 2016. As the development environment and business model of large companies keep changing, innovative startups are appearing one after another. There, I saw a culture that embraced constant novelty and did not mind change. Whether it was a large company undergoing internal restructuring, or an up and coming startup merging with another company, evolution was driven by organizational changes.
Now, from Tokyo, we will work closely with Silicon Valley and, with not only Japanese but global investments as our cornerstone, we will steadily incorporate worldwide open innovation. We will continue to work together to create new businesses and contribute to increasing revenues for DOCOMO and the NTT Group.