Takayuki Inagawa

President and CEO, NTT DOCOMO Ventures

We recently heard a buzz word “innovation” many times in business life. But the reality is that it is not easy to change something when you try to live with an innovative sense in a big company. One of the reasons is that a corporate culture of big company is so conservative. On the other hand, startups are established based on new rules, so they have much freedom to make something better. It seems us that they would have a lot of synergies between big corporates and startups, but it is actually hard to find a good business relationship for them because of a lack of meet-up opportunities.
We are going to solve this issue. NTT DOCOMO Ventures has established a corporate venture fund promoting ''collaborative creation'' and the "supporting startups", and organically coordinates them with the NTT Group, including NTT DOCOMO. With business development as the pillar of our activities, we will continue to create technology and service innovations not only in Japan but worldwide, and to work together to create new businesses and contribute to increasing revenues for NTT DOCOMO and the NTT Group.