DOCOMO Innovation Village

DOCOMO Innovation Village builds partnerships between the revolutionary new technologies possessed by startups and DOCOMO and NTT's existing assets to create new innovation.
Through the Village Alliance, Village Social Entrepreneurs, and the Village Community, we boldly take on new challenges and promote services that will become the future standards for the world.

DOCOMO Village Alliance

Working around themes selected by DOCOMO, we pair the assets found at startups with DOCOMO's own and jointly develop new services to provide value to customers.

Village Social Entrepreneurs

This program fosters the training of social entrepreneurs who use the mobile space and Internet to solve social issues.
In order to create a sustainable society for the next generation, we help young up-and-coming entrepreneurs who are using mobile and Internet technologies to remedy social needs. Practical support allows them to develop the core skills needed to create a business and practicable business model, and advice from experts and senior entrepreneurs assists in the smooth launch of their venture and its early expansion.

Village Community

We bring together a diverse group of members interested in innovation to collaborate together and create an open innovation community.
By bringing together people of different disciplines who would normally not interact, we foster new dimensions of open innovation.

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