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The rapid shift from physical money to electronic money, as well as advances like virtual currency, blockchains, robo-advisors, and social lending have wrought innovation to the financial domain that goes beyond established frameworks.


Advances in ICT have enabled day-to-day growth in the way people communicate. New domains like remote working and AR/VR are making inroads every day.

  • Genvid Technologies
  • QD Laser, Inc.IPO
  • GENGO, INC.acquired


Advances in technology and security are closely tied to each other. Advanced security for various fields is gaining attention in applications not limited to telecommunications, but for automobiles, drones, IoT, payment processing, and more.

Media content

Following the global penetration of smartphones, consumer-generated media is on the rise, with more and more robust platforms for the transmission of content in a borderless fashion that transcends language.

  • Timers inc.
  • Arcturus Studios Holdings, Inc.
  • Avatour Technologies, Inc.
  • RoomClip Inc.
  • W.S.C. Sports Technologies Ltd.
  • Spacemarket, Inc.IPO
  • Lovegraph, Inc.
  • ookami, inc.
  • Trunk,Inc.
  • Original Inc.acquired
  • Fyusion, Inc.
  • Candee, Inc.
  • Retty Inc.IPO
  • Jimoty Incacquired
  • Cinemacraft
  • gumi Inc.IPO
  • IID Inc.IPO
  • Migo Entertainment, Inc.acquired


The enormous amount of information stored globally on servers is collectively known as “Big Data,” and its analysis is helping us discover new knowledge. There is now a focus now on services of data analysis that can be conducted without difficulty even by those who are not data scientists, and these analytics technologies are evolving daily.

  • TileDB, Inc.
  • Crosser Technologies AB
  • GeoSpock Ltd.
  • Trifacta, Inc.
  • Scigineer Inc.IPO


The flexible expansion offered by the cloud offers numerous untapped avenues of potential. Cloud technologies will play a crucial role in the future growth of IoT, AI, BigData, and digital government services.


IoT is widely spreading both in B2B/B2C, and drones are already utilized for site inspection at the time of disaster and agriculture. Soon the application will be expanded in the field of mobility such as automatic driving.

  • HOMMA, Inc.
  • Photosynth Inc
  • Skydio, Inc
  • Wiliot Ltd.
  • Vcognition Technologies, Inc.
  • Metawave Corporation
  • VDOO Connected Trust Ltd.acquired
  • Tellus You Care, Inc.
  • Locix, Inc.
  • DennoKotsu,Inc.
  • Otonomo Technologies Ltd.
  • TrackR, Inc.
  • WHILL, Inc.
  • PrecisionHawk, Inc.
  • SORACOM, INC.acquired


Devices such as stereo cameras and sensors, images / videos and their analytical techniques combine to realize a more accurate customer understanding and method of tracking customer behavior than before.

  • Repro Inc.
  • Trend Express Inc.
  • toBe Marketing, Inc.
  • X-Locations Inc.
  • Glad Cube Inc.
  • Agile Media Network Inc.IPO
  • Kaizen Platform, Inc.acquired
  • influitive Corporation
  • emotion tech
  • Fringe81 Inc.IPO


There is ample room for the areas of health and preventive medical services to grow in the near future. The growing costs of healthcare and nursing are an emergent social need. The use of logging of personal health records and advanced technology in medicine and nursing will unleash new potential.

  • Fast Doctor Co., Ltd.
  • Validic, Inc.
  • GENOVA, Inc.
  • Medley, IncIPO
  • MiRTel Inc.
  • Good Cycle System Inc.


Robots can be used to assist in domains as wide-ranging as manufacturing, construction, communication in the home, and assistance for nursing and surgery in medical contexts. Another key domain is the fundamental technologies obtained at the intersection of different disciplines.

  • Knightscope, Inc.


Even the best new technology and services require power. The creation of more efficient and safe power methods that are eco-friendly is a growing area of interest.


By enabling systems to perform tasks that only humans could, we can automate processes and achieve increased accuracy and unmanned operation. Advances today include driverless cars, voice analysis, video recognition, and other amazing technologies.

  • Stockmark Inc.
  • Senseye Ltd.
  • RevComm Inc.
  • Legion Technologies, Inc.
  • AISense, Inc. (Otter.ai)
  • Realeyes (Holdings) Limited
  • aiQ
  • KPISOFT Pte Ltd
  • Afiniti Inc.
  • Inbenta, Inc.
  • ArchiTek Co., Ltd.
  • Petametrics, Inc.
  • ABEJA Inc.acquired


Start-ups with solutions that increase business efficiency and added value are appearing one after another, and technology and services that utilize IT accelerate the growth of existing business.


Technology is playing a role in domains like active learning, which fosters an autonomous and proactive approach to lifelong education and development, and adaptive learning, where content is tailored to the needs of individual students.

  • Libry, Inc.(former forEst, Inc.)
  • SuRaLa Net Co., Ltd.IPO
  • Cerego Japan Inc.acquired