We produce co-innovation

NTT DOCOMO Ventures promotes innovation among startups everywhere and within NTT DOCOMO.

Braces { } used in programming get their etymology from the idea of supporting and strengthening the arms and, in this sense, we want to support the startup ecosystem.

Investment Policy

- Essentially all stages (mainly early to middle)
- In and outside Japan
Collaboration with NTT DOCOMO/NTT Group companies or the prospect of such collaboration

“Minor investment” (ownership: less than 20%)

Observation rights: Desirable
Information rights: Required
Investment Size
Up to about tens of millions of yen to 200 million Yen( approx.$2 million) /per investment
Exit scenarios
- Transfer of shares to NTT DOCOMO or NTT Group companies,etc.
- Sell on the stock exchange

NTT DOCOMO Ventures acts as a bridge between NTT Group/ NTT DOCOMO and its strategic investment partners. We work with startups and our group companies from the twin vectors of “investment” and “business development”. We also work with other investors to raise funding and grow together.

We work in a wide range of telecommunications sectors like ICT technology, IoT, platforms, applications, services, and content.

ICT is gaining attention for its ability to provide added value to sectors as various as medicine, education, agriculture, and education, and we support borderless business synergy in these areas.

Since NTT Group's companies include various business entities not only telecommunication business, we partner with these groups with introducing promising startups to explore and create new possibilities.

Our goal is to pursue the business expansion by partnering startups everywhere and promoting the growth of businesses in Japan and around the world.